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Connect with WiFi


  • Make sure that the computer and phone is connected to the same network
  • Start the computer server
  • Start the app on the phone and select connection mode. Press the menu button and select settings.
  • Press the "Connect WiFi" button
    1. The phone will scan the network for computers. Please wait.
    2. If no computers are found press the "No server was found or I want to enter my IP manually" row.
    3. Do a new scan or enter the computer IP number manually. The computer IP number is displayed in the computer server. E.g.



  •  If you have connection problems please make sure that the phone and computer is on the same network and that the firewall is not blocking the connection on port 53459.



Connect with Bluetooth


  • Pair your Bluetooth phone and Bluetooth computer. Tutorial on youtube.
  • Close any Bluetooth connection on your mobile e.g. to headset or the computer
  • Start the computer server and make sure that Bluetooth solution is detected and started.
  • Start the app on the phone and select connection mode. Press the menu button and select settings.
  • Press the "Connect Bluetooth" button


  1. A list of all paired computers are displayed. Please select your computer.
  2. A Bluetooth connection is not guaranteed to succeed. So if you fail please try a few more times. If this do not help restart the phone and computer and try again.



Navigate Slides


  • Slide finger to change slide
  • Press volume key to change slide
  • Press right or left side of screen to change slide



Use Mouse as Laser Pointer


  • Long press (mouse mode not supported in notes view)
  • Move finger in circle until you see the mouse pointer
  • Control the mouse with your fingers





  1. I do not see the slide image on the phone - Please make sure that connection mode "Preload" is selected in the app settings.



YouTube Instruction Video - Android mobile on Windows 7 old version 3.4.2 (4.58 minutes)








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Android v5.0

- Easy connect WiFi barcode

- Verified on Android Pie


iPhone and iPad v1.9

- Barcode computer connect

- Updating to iOS 12 (2019)


Mac Server v4.3

- Now supporting Mojave

- Barcode for easy Wifi connect



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