iPhone and iPad Help



Download the Windows or Mac server


  • Download from: pptremotecontrol.com/install.html


Connect with WiFi


  1. Connect your iPhone/iPad to the same WiFi network as your computer

  2. Start the computer server

  3. On the iPhone/iPad press the "Scan App Barcode" button and zoom in on the computer server Barcode

Connection Problems


  • Make sure that the phone and computer is on the same netowork and that the firewall is not blocking the connection on port 53459
  • Please restart the computer server and the phone app
  • If there is no network a add-hoc Wifi network can be configured. Please read the help instruction on the phone for more information.







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Android v5.0

- Easy connect WiFi barcode

- Verified on Android Pie


iPhone and iPad v1.12

- Supporting Dark & Light UI mode

- Bug fixes & minor improvements


Mac Server v4.4

- Now supporting MacOS Catalina

- Verified on PowerPoint 16.35 (2020)

- Verified on Keynote 10 (2020)


Change log


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