Privacy Policy - Remote for PowerPoint Keynote
February 13 2019, Version 1.3

This privacy policy governs how the information is used in the app Remote for PowerPoint Keynote. The privacy policy might change and we encourages visitors to frequently check this page for changes .

Personal Information

- The app do not collect or upload/store any private or personal user information.

- Exceptions might be if the user uploads an application error report to Google or Apple. Exact which information that is collects is unknown.

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity

- Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity is only used to connect to the apps server running on the PC or Mac. The only data exchanged is data needed for the app to operate.

- Bluetooth data traffic is encrypted by default.

- Wi-Fi data traffic is encrypted unless you are on a open wifi network. Open Wifi networks (networks without passwords) is sending data over the air without encryption.


- (Android) Audio recording, default disabled, is only done if the user explicits enables the feature. The intention is to offer the opertunity to the user to audio play back the presentation as a feedback tool


- (Android) If the user enables audio logging the audio will be recorded during the presentation and stored in permanent memory as a audio file. This file can be played by any audio playing app on your mobile. Please note that there is at any given time only max one audio file stored.

- All other app data is stored "sandboxed" on internal memory and can only be accessed by the app. The exception is a user rooted device where the data can be accessed from outside the app. The data is stored un-encrypted.

- PowerPoint and Keynote presentations are never stored permanently on the device. Presentation data is only available in app memory when the app is in use and lost when terminating the app.

Data logging

- (Android) Anonymous data is logged to the service. Flurry is currently installed in 25% on all mobile apps and provides information so that we can improve the app on e.g. app crashes. See the Flurry privacy policy for additional information.

- (Android) The free application is using the Google AdMob advertisement. This service might do additional logging and please see the AdMob privacy policy for additional information.